Trauma Reactions and Jesus

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com I love Jesus. I am fully devoted to Him, and yet I still struggle with the blame game. As people in my life hurt us, or we struggle with trauma reactions, we find ourselves questioning everything we believed to be fact, including Jesus' love. Is this fair? Probably not,… Continue reading Trauma Reactions and Jesus


When Prayer Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

"Experience teaches us that we do not always receive the blessings we ask for in prayer." Mary Baker Eddy We are struggling. Struggling in a way we haven't in many years. There's feelings of shame, guilt, regret, betrayal, hurt, and just overall massive amounts of pain and darkness. There are only 4 reasons to keep… Continue reading When Prayer Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

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Made to be Used

***This post was originally posted on our first blog, and then 7 months ago transferred over here. It's raw, intense, and mentions some sexual abuse. I no longer feel the relationship with these words that I felt when I first wrote them. I know now that I don't ever have to do anything sexual that… Continue reading Made to be Used

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Forgive Us Our Trespasses

(Content Summary for our readers who have trouble with religion as a topic. This post is mainly about religion and how it teaches us forgiveness. This is a big deal for us and while we'd like to share it with everyone, we acknowledge potential triggers.)   Lately, there's been a lot going on in our… Continue reading Forgive Us Our Trespasses

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The Body’s Children…

Our Children? I still look around when people ask about our kids. We don't remember making the choice to have children.  Well... let me back up. We remember wanting to be a mother. Sami wanted a baby girl and she was going to name her Rose. At some point when the body was a middle… Continue reading The Body’s Children…

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When Body #Memories Strike

Earlier this week we started to feel strange. The body refused to cooperate and was highly unforgiving. Most of us assumed it was backlash from other inside stuff and didn't pay it much attention, but the feelings were becoming more and more intense. We decided the body's period was coming and left it at that.… Continue reading When Body #Memories Strike

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Medical Issues and Trauma

Seriously, is there anything more scary and frustrating? Honestly, I used to be responsible for that part of our life. And I used to handle that responsibility by skipping it. Endocrinologist for our diabetes? Sorry, busy. That shit is crazy complicated. Gynocologist?  Yeah, NO. Just not happening. Not even sorry. Pediatrist?  Nope. Not going to… Continue reading Medical Issues and Trauma

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Save My Life #MercyMe #SidewalkProphets #KLOVE #DannyGokey

Mercy Me. We were introduced to Mercy Me and K-LOVE radio about a year ago. Prior to moving to Colorado, we had a home church. We attended with some kind of regularity. The body's children were baptized. We were baptized. We considered ourselves believers. And for the most part we belonged at the church, provided… Continue reading Save My Life #MercyMe #SidewalkProphets #KLOVE #DannyGokey

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Wake Me When December Ends: a tale of emotion…

A Tale of Emotion There are no words to describe how very hard the month of December hit our family. December of 2016 came in much like every other month this year. There wasn't much happening out of the ordinary. Emotion and reactions were touchy due to different trauma memories over the years, but we… Continue reading Wake Me When December Ends: a tale of emotion…