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Opening the Doors to Inside

I want to share. I want to share so badly. I just wrote and deleted an entire post because it was so clinical and impersonal. I basically wrote in general about a topic that has been touching us personally and I didn't include our situation in it at all. That's not what this space is… Continue reading Opening the Doors to Inside

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Social Media: Helpful or Harmful?

We live in a social media dominated world. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram are everywhere. Children as young as 4 understand how to work some of these social media platforms. People post some of the most intimate details of their lives, down to what they are thinking at the moment, what they ate for lunch,… Continue reading Social Media: Helpful or Harmful?

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All or Nothing

  One of the areas we find that we can all identify with is the All or Nothing Mindset.  Actually I know for sure that a lot of the people who follow us on Facebook and read our blog also get stuck in the same mindset. The graphic below has made it's rounds in the Facebook groups… Continue reading All or Nothing