My heartbeat picks up as the sun goes to bed. I can faintly hear the darkness calling for us. If I sit still enough I can feel it's cool comforting touch. My heartbeat picks up because I know the battle begins again. The battle we promised to fight. The battle that can't be lost without… Continue reading Sunset

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Made to be Used

***This post was originally posted on our first blog, and then 7 months ago transferred over here. It's raw, intense, and mentions some sexual abuse. I no longer feel the relationship with these words that I felt when I first wrote them. I know now that I don't ever have to do anything sexual that… Continue reading Made to be Used

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The Body’s Children…

Our Children? I still look around when people ask about our kids. We don't remember making the choice to have children.  Well... let me back up. We remember wanting to be a mother. Sami wanted a baby girl and she was going to name her Rose. At some point when the body was a middle… Continue reading The Body’s Children…

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Medical Issues and Trauma

Seriously, is there anything more scary and frustrating? Honestly, I used to be responsible for that part of our life. And I used to handle that responsibility by skipping it. Endocrinologist for our diabetes? Sorry, busy. That shit is crazy complicated. Gynocologist?  Yeah, NO. Just not happening. Not even sorry. Pediatrist?  Nope. Not going to… Continue reading Medical Issues and Trauma

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Communication… (how not to ruin your children)

This body is 35 years old. Like seriously, not even joking. While the body meets "adult" criteria legally there's not a chance developmentally that we are there yet. We may never get there and that's perfectly fine by us, but looking back over our life we started comparing how life now compares to life as… Continue reading Communication… (how not to ruin your children)

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All or Nothing

  One of the areas we find that we can all identify with is the All or Nothing Mindset.  Actually I know for sure that a lot of the people who follow us on Facebook and read our blog also get stuck in the same mindset. The graphic below has made it's rounds in the Facebook groups… Continue reading All or Nothing