Experiencing God’s Mercy

There are so many times I can look back on now, and see God's mercy and grace in our life. There are countless events that have taken place that we shouldn't have physically survived, let alone emotionally survived. Most of these events were direct results of terribly misguided choices and the insistence of doing things… Continue reading Experiencing God’s Mercy


Trauma Reactions and Jesus

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com I love Jesus. I am fully devoted to Him, and yet I still struggle with the blame game. As people in my life hurt us, or we struggle with trauma reactions, we find ourselves questioning everything we believed to be fact, including Jesus' love. Is this fair? Probably not,… Continue reading Trauma Reactions and Jesus

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We Changed Our Minds…

There's always so much to write about. Some of it we are nervous about sharing, but sharing happens so healing can happen. This post may cause some issues for some people so please keep that in mind when reading. We changed our minds. We decided to change how we view our past. Our life. The… Continue reading We Changed Our Minds…