Family of God…

I am not the one to ask about healthy family dynamics or what a family unity should look like. None of my family experiences have been anything other than dysfunctional at best. So last week when my pastor discussed how as Christians we are all siblings in Christ, I internally winced. My initial thought was… Continue reading Family of God…

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Following our Path #followingourpath

It's been over a year now since we crash landed into Celebrate Recovery and our path in the Lord. Being entirely real here, some of us figured it was yet another phase we were going through and would eventually get bored with it. That has turned out not to be the case. This is a… Continue reading Following our Path #followingourpath

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Puppies and Kabs

Last weekend the whole family and princess Francis piled into the car and we headed down to Longview. We had two reasons for this trip. We went to meet a friend that we've been talking to on Facebook for what seems like forever (over 3 years, actually), and we were also picking up our new… Continue reading Puppies and Kabs

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Counting Every Blessing

Today is the anniversary of us joining our adoptive family. We packed up the body's children, our dog, and we went into hiding from the abusive husband. Well, semi-hiding. That's a long story but it's the 3 year anniversary. The kids call it our Extraction Day (Naked and Afraid reference). It certainly felt like an… Continue reading Counting Every Blessing

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Afternoon at Seaside Beach

We currently have family here from Colorado. Nana and Papa came up to visit and with them, they brought 2 cousins. Woohoo!  Mama took them to one of our favorite parks to hang out and we've been spending a lot of time visiting and just being together. Last Sunday, however, we went to Oregon. It… Continue reading Afternoon at Seaside Beach

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How to Handle a New Arrival

We were at church with the family. It was during worship, the music was loud and the singing was great. The energy in the room was high and we were standing between our mom and our sister. Mom was in a lot of pain and was alternating between standing and sitting, to try and alleviate… Continue reading How to Handle a New Arrival

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What Makes You Happy?

I'm working on a list, a list that is turning out to be pretty frustrating. A list of what makes us happy. Now there are the basics of that list: our family, our fur-family, and friends, etc. That's not what this list is after. This list is supposed to be about what kind of activities… Continue reading What Makes You Happy?

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Ring Around the Crock Pot

I didn't get a before picture. I think most of us have seen it though. That dreaded ugly white ring that forms on the inside of the black crock pots. Now, if any of you have read this blog for any length of time then you already know we aren't schooled in cleaning. We do… Continue reading Ring Around the Crock Pot

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Sundays At The Park

Tension and stress in the family added to DID and anxiety is a recipe for failure. Other members of the family struggle with depression and bipolar, which are also exacerbated by tension and stress. Our weekly trips around the Sound are a breath of fresh air and a time to relax, all together, as a family.

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The Shrine Circus is in town! #jordanworldcircus

It's the Circus! Friday night Mama and Daddy took us and the rest of the kids to the circus at the fairgrounds. Everyone was so excited because it was the first time any of us can remember going to anything like it and definitely the first time for the other kids. It was windy out… Continue reading The Shrine Circus is in town! #jordanworldcircus