Pray Away Depression?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Wait, what? Does this actually work? As a Christian we often hear from misguided people that if we pray hard enough Jesus will heal our depression and mental health challenges. In essence, we're told that if we are still struggling, we either don't believe or aren't praying hard enough. This… Continue reading Pray Away Depression?

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Wandering in Darkness

Tonight at our Celebrate Recovery meeting the speaker read a devotional in which the author was discussing being stuck in the dark void. The dark void, a place we've been wandering in for months now. In the piece the author mentioned people coming into the void to be with him/her. In that moment I thought… Continue reading Wandering in Darkness

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Made to be Used

***This post was originally posted on our first blog, and then 7 months ago transferred over here. It's raw, intense, and mentions some sexual abuse. I no longer feel the relationship with these words that I felt when I first wrote them. I know now that I don't ever have to do anything sexual that… Continue reading Made to be Used

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How to Find Balance: We Have NO Idea What We Are Doing

    This isn't going to be your typical "How To" post. We're not going to be able to tell you how to find balance in anything... yet. Yet. That's the key word here. We spend an hour a week with our two little sisters working as a group on things that bother us. The… Continue reading How to Find Balance: We Have NO Idea What We Are Doing

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How to Make Stress Balls and Reduce Stress at the Same Time!

Did you catch that? We're making stress balls, AND we are reducing stress. All at once. At the same time. Whoa. So we've been doing this anxiety challenge with the Facebook support group we run. Yesterday was day 16, and day 16 was "Make a stress ball." None of us have ever made a stress… Continue reading How to Make Stress Balls and Reduce Stress at the Same Time!

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How to Write When Writing Seems Impossible

How to Write When Writing Seems Impossible I had a big post planned for today. It involves split peas, baking soda, balloons, and other crafty type things. Only I never got there. And so far, none of us are getting there. Today is a struggle. It didn't start out that way. It started out with… Continue reading How to Write When Writing Seems Impossible

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How to Journal Through Depression

How to Journal Through Depression Get a journal of some type (online, offline, notebook, bound book, app, etc) Write There. Simple. Actually, it's not so simple. If it were that simple, we'd all feel much better already. Am I right? So the question becomes how do we journal through our depression? It's a question I… Continue reading How to Journal Through Depression


Productive Days Keeps Anxiety At Bay?

Productive Days Keeps Anxiety At Bay? Maybe. I mean, I think so. I'm no expert on what works for anxiety reduction in the long term. Some days I can barely manage my own anxiety in the moment, and that doesn't include the rest of my system's anxiety. We can be a real hot mess at… Continue reading Productive Days Keeps Anxiety At Bay?

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When Body #Memories Strike

Earlier this week we started to feel strange. The body refused to cooperate and was highly unforgiving. Most of us assumed it was backlash from other inside stuff and didn't pay it much attention, but the feelings were becoming more and more intense. We decided the body's period was coming and left it at that.… Continue reading When Body #Memories Strike

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Communication… (how not to ruin your children)

This body is 35 years old. Like seriously, not even joking. While the body meets "adult" criteria legally there's not a chance developmentally that we are there yet. We may never get there and that's perfectly fine by us, but looking back over our life we started comparing how life now compares to life as… Continue reading Communication… (how not to ruin your children)