Dive into Our World!

Welcome to our corner of the world. Thoughts, articles, essays, poems, and random ramblings will appear here at random intervals. Pull up your chair and dig in! Our language sucks sometimes. Some things written here will be graphic and possibly inappropriate. The whole damn blog could be triggering. Some posts deal with hard issues. Others deal with how to make stress balls. We’re flighty and all over the place. We’re raw, we’re real, and we’re human.  (Yes, this paragraph appears on two pages. It’s that important.)

We are Emma. Although our name is Emma, we are actually the Tribe of a lot. We are a DID system comprised of teenagers and children, inside a very adult body. We are the most brilliant chaos in the darkest of nights. Our brilliance can light your path and heal your soul. Our chaos can destroy lives and exhaust your resolve. Many have tried to love us, to mold us to their expectations, to turn us into a “healthy one person”, or to make us be adult.

What we have decided instead is to be true to us. We will be who we are. We will continue to be brilliant chaos and we will enjoy it. Those who love us will do so because of who we are and will, in turn, have our loyalty and love.

We live openly multiple because we are choosing to show the world that multiples exist and are not scary. We are the product of scary things, but we, ourselves, are not scary. We are people with stories to tell.

Let us tell you our stories. And we hope that you will let us get to know you, and you will share with us your stories. Humans are social creatures who all have stories to tell.