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What Makes You Happy?

I'm working on a list, a list that is turning out to be pretty frustrating. A list of what makes us happy. Now there are the basics of that list: our family, our fur-family, and friends, etc. That's not what this list is after. This list is supposed to be about what kind of activities… Continue reading What Makes You Happy?

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Is Yoga Making Us Happy….ier?

    Nine days ago we started doing yoga at least once a day, more often twice a day. We've done the whole thing before but never consistently or for very long because, let's face it, a huge fat body doing yoga is uncomfortable and for most of our life we have lacked serious consistency… Continue reading Is Yoga Making Us Happy….ier?

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When Body #Memories Strike

Earlier this week we started to feel strange. The body refused to cooperate and was highly unforgiving. Most of us assumed it was backlash from other inside stuff and didn't pay it much attention, but the feelings were becoming more and more intense. We decided the body's period was coming and left it at that.… Continue reading When Body #Memories Strike

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Medical Issues and Trauma

Seriously, is there anything more scary and frustrating? Honestly, I used to be responsible for that part of our life. And I used to handle that responsibility by skipping it. Endocrinologist for our diabetes? Sorry, busy. That shit is crazy complicated. Gynocologist?  Yeah, NO. Just not happening. Not even sorry. Pediatrist?  Nope. Not going to… Continue reading Medical Issues and Trauma

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Inside… Where We Live (Alayna)

Image credit: Values.comLast night Mama was talking to Cadie and she said that we have suddenly all stopped communicating about our inside struggles. We haven't been using our secret group to communicate with each other and the blog has been all but ignored. We rarely post in our own group about our struggles but we… Continue reading Inside… Where We Live (Alayna)

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Childhood Sexual Abuse

Image credit: http://www.colorlines.com/content/what-you-need-know-about-childhood-sexual-abuseThe statistics in the image are heartbreaking and shock a lot of people. Childhood sexual abuse doesn't shock me. It doesn't stun me, and it doesn't surprise me. I never wonder how it could possibly happen. I never have wondered. I never will wonder.As early as any of us can remember, this body was… Continue reading Childhood Sexual Abuse

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Our Aching Feet…..

Most weekday mornings we head out for a walk. We aim for anywhere between 3 and 5 miles, although sometimes we're lucky to hit two miles.... haha.  The walks weren't something we could really do in our old life. We didn't feel safe enough or comfortable enough and it always seemed like our time was… Continue reading Our Aching Feet…..

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Understanding Ourselves….

Henry David Thoreau said "Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."We have spent the better part of our lives lost. We didn't really gain much for understanding ourselves.I'm not really sure where I'm going with that. I just know that today has been rough, almost from the beginning. Jessa was out… Continue reading Understanding Ourselves….

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When the Parents are the Monsters

I found this image on Pinterest when looking for writing prompts. It is incredibly tempting to create a beautiful story to go with this quote, but it hit a nerve and so this won't be some made up story. You see, there are those of us in the world who can understand and relate to… Continue reading When the Parents are the Monsters