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How to Handle a New Arrival

We were at church with the family. It was during worship, the music was loud and the singing was great. The energy in the room was high and we were standing between our mom and our sister. Mom was in a lot of pain and was alternating between standing and sitting, to try and alleviate… Continue reading How to Handle a New Arrival

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Season 2 Awakens

I don't have a whole lot of wisdom to impart. There's nothing pressing on my mind really. I just feel the urge to write. So often our words get caught up in an incessant need to share, to teach, to learn, or to grow. We follow the compulsion and share something we will barely remember… Continue reading Season 2 Awakens

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Inside Where We Live (Alexandria)

hi im lexi and im 10. i wasn't always 10. for awhile i was grown up but that didn't work so good. i didn't get married but i was there like rite after we moved back after we got married and we had two baby girls and it was stupid and i couldn't figure out… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Alexandria)

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Inside Where We Live (Parker Quinn)

image frrom googlehi, i'm Parker and i'm 13 like Jossy. we're twins. i only started coming out like this month before that i didn't come out much. i had one job and that job was to watch what was going on inside the inside world and to report it to people outside who needed that… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Parker Quinn)

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Hold Up….. Weight a Minute….

This entire system is plagued by absolutely horrific relationships with food. The vast majority of us can be divided between two categories. Binge eating, or bulimia. Body hatred is big in this system for a variety of reasons, most coming down to size. For years now my sweet sisters have toyed with trying to "fix"… Continue reading Hold Up….. Weight a Minute….

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Inside Where We Live (Andrea)

Image credit: Google  -  Andee loves stuffed animal bunniesi is andee. i is 3 yeer old lik olly an zozey. thems my sissers. i is daddy's lil gurl. daddy luvs me. andee no speshul. not aminel or cool. jus a lil gurl. andee was in the dark for long tims wit sami an shy an… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Andrea)

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Inside Where We Live (Olivia)

Credit: Googleme is olly. i is 3 yer old. i is a baby tiger lik bella insid. outsid olly is litle gurl. olly lernin to spell an lernin to be in a famely. insid olly plays wit zoey andee finley an shy mostlee.daddy call me his litle gurl. that maks olly happy. daddy is nise… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Olivia)

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Inside Where We Live (Cadence)

graphic made for me by lisha... love you lisha!thats kinda it. keep calm and let cadie handle it. i like to handle things, especially things that confuse or annoy my sisters. mostly tho, i like to do what i want. my name is cadence danielle. you guys can call me cadie. most people do unless… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Cadence)

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Inside Where We Live (Arabella)

I really have nothing pressing to talk about. It's my turn to write... well, I haven't written in a long time but we don't really have turns. Mostly We write when we feel like it. I could spend some time introducing myself though.I'm going to be honest though, introducing myself seems risky. I'm one of… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Arabella)

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Balance Between Inside and Outside

Inside world is in chaos. We have shadows causing all kinds of frustration and discomfort. We have been battling this, or at least trying to manage all of this since Friday and its been intense and depressing.Long story short, we have a baby in our forest inside. The baby is sheltered and safe but sleeping… Continue reading Balance Between Inside and Outside