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Life When You Don’t Age

One day will everyone outgrow you? Will we become tiresome and annoying?

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Inside… Where We Live (Alayna)

Image credit: Values.comLast night Mama was talking to Cadie and she said that we have suddenly all stopped communicating about our inside struggles. We haven't been using our secret group to communicate with each other and the blog has been all but ignored. We rarely post in our own group about our struggles but we… Continue reading Inside… Where We Live (Alayna)

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Shadow People in the Closet

Image Credit:'m physically in the livingroom. My mom is with me. She's knitting and watching TV and I am working on DID awareness stuff and keeping up with the support group we run on Facebook for DID. I'm coughing, clearing my throat, and gasping for breath, Mama mumbles under her breath."I wish I could… Continue reading Shadow People in the Closet

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Our Aching Feet…..

Most weekday mornings we head out for a walk. We aim for anywhere between 3 and 5 miles, although sometimes we're lucky to hit two miles.... haha.  The walks weren't something we could really do in our old life. We didn't feel safe enough or comfortable enough and it always seemed like our time was… Continue reading Our Aching Feet…..

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Office Hours, Processing, and Jessa

We, or maybe just I, seriously need "office hours". We need to dedicate a time where we can just write, research, learn, grow, think... and to process things. I process things through reading and writing, and using our cell phone to research and write is a lesson in futility... or maybe a lesson in patience...… Continue reading Office Hours, Processing, and Jessa

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Except when we don't. Because we are a family and we are real. And lately, we do "leave people out, hurt feelings, yelling, door slamming, frustration, and unrealistic demands of each other". Awesome, huh?We're a new family. We are still transitioning and learning how to be a family. Every single person in this family... from… Continue reading

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The Worst is Over Now…..

.... so what the fuck is wrong with us?Cadie touched on it some yesterday. Not gonna rehash that, its boring crap anyways.I woke up in a fairly decent mood... and then I had to get out of bed. Instantly everything was stupidly overwhelming. I couldn't remember who was supposed to do what (thank God for… Continue reading The Worst is Over Now…..

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In a Land Far Far Away….

we have a story. a long one. doesn't everyone?my name is cadie. i'm a member of a well established DID system. the body is 33 years old and the mother of 4 children under the age of 12. our system is made up of 10 of us, including the original. we have been hiding for… Continue reading In a Land Far Far Away….