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How Does Isolation Help?

A better question might be, does it help at all? Honestly, probably not, and yet we do it anyways. Feeling sad? Shut down. Feeling hurt? Keep quiet. Feeling overwhelmed by chaotic happenings inside? Don't share THAT. Anything but that. It used to be that many of us considered it a sign of strength if we… Continue reading How Does Isolation Help?

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Opening the Doors to Inside

I want to share. I want to share so badly. I just wrote and deleted an entire post because it was so clinical and impersonal. I basically wrote in general about a topic that has been touching us personally and I didn't include our situation in it at all. That's not what this space is… Continue reading Opening the Doors to Inside

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So Much to Say

  I can't even come up with a decent, well written, put together post. You should see my draft list. I've totally tried. I'm restless today. Usually I do my part of the writing curled up on the couch but today I'm on the living room floor. Every so often I lay back and stretch… Continue reading So Much to Say

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More Than What You See

This post contains strong language... hell, we contain strong language at times.  Its obviously not exact, because my memory is never that good, but it's pretty close. This is a raw and very rough glimpse into a typical moment in an average day for us.  -Bella   A peek into this morning... inside: I wake… Continue reading More Than What You See

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Save My Life #MercyMe #SidewalkProphets #KLOVE #DannyGokey

Mercy Me. We were introduced to Mercy Me and K-LOVE radio about a year ago. Prior to moving to Colorado, we had a home church. We attended with some kind of regularity. The body's children were baptized. We were baptized. We considered ourselves believers. And for the most part we belonged at the church, provided… Continue reading Save My Life #MercyMe #SidewalkProphets #KLOVE #DannyGokey

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Inside Where We Live (Arabella)

I really have nothing pressing to talk about. It's my turn to write... well, I haven't written in a long time but we don't really have turns. Mostly We write when we feel like it. I could spend some time introducing myself though.I'm going to be honest though, introducing myself seems risky. I'm one of… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Arabella)