Reframe it

Perspective is a tricky thing. We hear all the time to stand up for ourselves and call out injustice done to us. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest remind us all constantly that we have worth and we need to fight for our value to be known. All good things, right? It sounds empowering and strong. It… Continue reading Reframe it


Community: Reasons we need each other

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Humans are not designed to be solitary creatures. We were created to be in community with others, not just our families. We do better together. Why is this so? I know from personal experience we do better around others. We feel safer, more supported, and less alone. Our friends are… Continue reading Community: Reasons we need each other


Anxiety: The Energy That Destroys

Yesterday we had a psych eval with a new doctor. The outcome was predictable (C-PTSD, DID, GAD, and major depression), and yet surprising. Anxiety is destroying our ability to use our coping skills and is harming our physical health. The doctor said until our anxiety comes down significantly and until things are resolved at home… Continue reading Anxiety: The Energy That Destroys

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Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Church

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Today I decided to google "multiple personalities and the church" as well as "dissociative identity disorder and the church". What I read there, while mostly articles 10+ years old, was truly disturbing. Most of the articles, spanning many different denominations, were of the opinion that D.I.D is actually demon possession… Continue reading Dissociative Identity Disorder and the Church


Introducing Tales of Brilliant Chaos A New, Regular Guest Blogger

We have wrote a guest post and it appeared here, today. Our love and thanks to our favorite nurse!

Marissa Fratoni, BSN-RN

43610046_1584900024943745_1134506918224592896_nToday is World Mental Health Day and I want to shine the spotlight on a beautiful person in my life who can really help to derive some awareness in regards to mental health.

Emma Hendrix is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We’ve known each other since she and I were ten years old. We met when we were in the fifth grade and have been friends ever since. She even stood by me when a boy I teased in high school paid me back by pouring an entire can of root beer over my head in the middle of class. (We all get what we deserve, don’t we?)

Over the years, our lives took two very distinctly different paths. I never knew during the years that we grew up together that Emma’s home life was filled with events of abuse and neglect that no child should ever have…

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How to Make Fear Work for Us

Fear is a real jerk sometimes. It buddies up real close with anxiety and together the two of them get in the way of really experiencing life. Fear stops us in our tracks and causes us to re-evaluate whether something is worth the risk. It allows us to believe the negative self-talk and the negative… Continue reading How to Make Fear Work for Us