Power of God

This has been an amazingly tough year and we are ending it sick.

There has been many moments where we contemplated being unalive. Many moments where we cried to Jesus begging Him to take us home. Many many late nights where death seemed imminent and welcome.

This last week we’ve been moderately sick and ended up with a diagnosis of bronchitis. During this time we have been loved, cared for, and checked on by friends. We have seen God in so many ways, especially in the storm.

We love Jesus and sometimes we want to die. This is the reality of our mental health situation. I want whoever is reading this to understand that both are valid places to be. You can, in fact, love Jesus and be at war with your brain. Praying will help, but will not make it go away. It’s going to take work, community, and a lot of grace to get through. In the coming year we will do this together.

This coming year we will transform our life through intention, prayer, grace, and acceptance. We will be who and what we were designed to be.

Will you join us?

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