Reframe it

Perspective is a tricky thing. We hear all the time to stand up for ourselves and call out injustice done to us. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest remind us all constantly that we have worth and we need to fight for our value to be known.

All good things, right? It sounds empowering and strong. It makes us feel ready to ride into combat to protect and spout our worth.

What if it’s not all about us? What if we are fighting the wrong fight? When all of our attention and focus is on winning the fight to prove our worth, where is our attention for the people who already know our worth?

Why are we as a society so bent on using all of our energy to prove ourselves? What time and energy does that leave us to live our lives?

This past Monday night our mom reminded us that we are an adult and need to live our own life. On Tuesday Dad spent an hour-ish explaining perspective to us. On Wednesday we were processing it, but by Thursday it clicked.

Let’s all take a step back. Stop trying to prove things that don’t need proven. The people who matter don’t need proof. The people who need proof aren’t going to believe it no matter what any of us come up with as proof.

How about instead we take needed moments to rest our sore bodies? How about we spend more time in our prayer lives? What about spending more time investing in our futures?

One day at a time, friends. One day at a time with eyes front.

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