An Adventure Awaits

This picture was taken by us in November 2019.

Brilliant Chaos and Teen1 are going to be embarking on an adventure tomorrow. We are returning to that absolutely beautiful place the above picture came from, where we will stay for about 10 weeks. Howard the Dog is coming with us, as he loves it there too and everyone who knows us knows that Howard the Dog must be present for all big adventures (as much as possible anyways).

We are leaving home tomorrow and will go the 1200ish miles to Colorado, where we will stay with a relative who is so excited to teach us all kinds of things. In the process us and T1 get to be helpful around the place.

This is a big deal, as we have never been away from any of the kids for so long, and three of them are staying behind. In the last 4+ years we have never been away from the family for that long either. At one time we all believed it simply wasn’t possible. Now, as much as our anxiety wants to tell us this is crazy, we know we can and we know that it will be an incredible experience all the way around. Growth, new skills, independence, and some incredible time with God surrounded by His amazing creation.

The camera is charged. The batteries are packed. This will be one for the books, people.

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