2019, DID, dissociative identity disorder

When You Don’t Fit…

There are many things in life that touch us and shape us into the people we become. There’s family, friends, and people we only run into once… to name a few. What happens when the shape we become doesn’t fit who we want to be?

We were in that place. We were shaped by many who’s intentions weren’t good for us. Great for them, but not good or healthy for us. We became a group of misshapen souls in one body. We were often told we were the wrong shape, the wrong style. Completely unacceptable. We had no faith in each other or ourselves, leaving us in one hell of a bind.

We tried many ways to change shapes. We tried to mold ourselves into the shapes we thought others wanted in us. We attempted shapes that looked good on other people, shapes that seemed acceptable to society at large. None of it worked. We even had the guidance of an amazing soul, our nutrition fairy. It still didn’t work.

Guys, it didn’t work because we didn’t believe. We had faith in nothing. We believed in nothing, except that we weren’t worthy of good, and worse, that if we touched anything good we would taint it. We lacked any kind of confidence. We were chameleons, changing shape, color, and texture to meet the expectations of the world around us.

You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. Unless it’s smaller than the hole, but that’s not the point. I’m sure we’ve all heard that saying before. A square peg the same size as a round hole simply isn’t going to fit. Why do we work so hard at trying to make it fit?

That’s easy, because society says we have to. We aren’t valued unless we fit in. We are taught this from a young age, and by middle school our peers are relentless about this. I can remember being teased mercilessly by a boy from kindergarten all the way through middle school until the damn broke and the school finally decided to help. We didn’t fit in.

Fast-forward to today. Most of the time we still feel like we don’t quite fit anywhere. However, it’s okay. We are learning that people are vastly different and God has given us each qualities and gifts that make us unique. Every person on this planet has something to give, something to teach, some way to contribute, and something to learn. This feeling of not fitting in is a reminder that there is beauty in diversity. There is strength in differences, and there is growth in standing out.

My friends, spend some time looking deep with yourselves. Find that spark, that something that makes your soul glow. Find that gift inside you waiting to be shared. Help re-shape society into something that values these differences and encourages every shaped peg to find it’s value. Look at the people around you and try to see their gift. Engage in everyone around you, be present in the moment. Let’s all work on growing together and cherishing each other’s gifts and talents.

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