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Following our Path #followingourpath

It’s been over a year now since we crash landed into Celebrate Recovery and our path in the Lord.

Being entirely real here, some of us figured it was yet another phase we were going through and would eventually get bored with it. That has turned out not to be the case. This is a life long adventure. This is our ministry path. This is absolutely where God has called us to be, and to remain, at least for this season of life.

Interestingly enough, it’s not entirely as simple as that paragraph makes it sound. I, for one, often find myself getting worried about what others are thinking about it, especially our family. Are we balancing life in a way that keeps them happy? Are we putting enough focus in on their lives? What do our friends think of it? How do we balance what we want/need/feel is right to do with what others want/need/feel is right for us to do?

This is not a new struggle. This struggle is probably as old as the Earth itself is. Bob has a dream, a vision for his life. His wife and children have dreams and visions for their lives. Sue next door has a vision for her life… and they all need/want each other to be part of their lives and visions. How does that happen and keep everyone happy? We’ve all been there.

Joe works too much. Beth gives too much time to the PTA and not enough to her family. Erin resents her family because she feels like she’s missing out on her own life. Leanne expects her family to support her while she pursues her dream and finds her family begins to resent her because theirs are on hold.

Who’s right? Depends on who you ask, I guess. Pretty sure in these situations we all believe we’re right no matter what side we find ourselves on. We all believe our path is the right one and we’re not unreasonable for expecting our family and friends to come along side us and support that.

The only way to balance this is grace, love, and prayer. Let’s all make an effort today to gracefully support our loved ones in the pursuit of their dreams, and at the same time, let’s all continue to pursue our own dreams and goals. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.


Thank You for all the love, grace, and peace You offer to us. Thank you for continuing to remind us to look to You for help and guidance. You modeled grace for us, please help us remember that and use it as a guide to support and love each other through our goals. Remind us that it doesn’t have to be us or them. We have it within us to support each other while working for our own dreams. You will help, guide, show, and encourage.


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