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5 Ideas for Good Self-Care


When thinking about self-care it seems like the options are endless. There are so many sites talking about self-care and listing things in a very rushed way. I think we’ve all seen lists of 50+ things you can do for self-care. That’s not entirely what I want to discuss here. We, all of Brilliant Chaos, write this page for ourselves as much as, if not more than, for others. This list of 5 ideas for self-care is going to serve as a reminder to us and hopefully, help out others. Please be in touch with yourself so you know what will help and what can harm you.

Get Out of Bed and Shower

So for some, this may seem like two items. For others, this doesn’t look like self-care at all. I can assure you that almost nothing feels as good as being clean and washing away the grime. Showers are also a symbolic thing for us because they wash away the negative feelings we have about ourselves and our body. We always leave a shower feeling safer, more centered, and happier. When we are feeling really bad, we often forget to take a shower. Stinky and smelly do not make us happy.

Easy Resistance Exercises

We all enjoy exercise. For the last 4 months, we have been doing Zumba and/or Pilates (but mostly Zumba until this week) regularly. We always feel better after working out. At home, we have light hand weights and we can even use canned food if we need some weights. Just a few minutes of working our muscles helps a lot and it helps regulate our blood sugar too!


This one can be tough to do when we feel awful. It’s hard to bring yourself to get the stuff out and actually come up with something creative. It’s a struggle but it’s a struggle that helps in the end. When we accomplish something, it feels good. Yarn is our therapy a lot of times and lately cross-stitching. We haven’t done much scrapbooking or card making in a while but that always helps too. We need more stamps.

Go Outside

Being outside helps raise the mood. The sun, even the rain for us, the breeze, it all helps. With or without the dogs, being outside makes a huge difference in how we feel after a while. A walk gets the body moving and being outside just feels good sometimes. Get in the dirt, weed something, plant something, help make something grow. Being dirty is tough but you can follow it up with a shower.

Read a Book

I’m not kidding when I say we have a library in our house, not including the Nook. Grab a book, any book. Read a kid’s book. Read anything. It will help separate yourself from them the emotions. Good books take you away from yourself and immerse you in a new world. Pick up the bible and read stories in there. I thought the story of Jacob and Esau was really captivating. I didn’t expect the bible to have so many interesting stories and thought-provoking situations in it.  Not really sure what I expected there, to be honest.

There you go. A few realistic and important self-care steps.

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