2018, Rachel

Puppies and Kabs

A large tree at the park in Longview. It was an amazing park! We were on Lion’s Island.

Last weekend the whole family and princess Francis piled into the car and we headed down to Longview. We had two reasons for this trip. We went to meet a friend that we’ve been talking to on Facebook for what seems like forever (over 3 years, actually), and we were also picking up our new dog!  Yes, Family Chaos has a new dog!

Walter is a puggle who was in a kill shelter in Las Vegas. He was getting close to the end of his time there. Mom found him online and arranged for him to be transported to us. Two amazing ladies helped Mom get Walter from the shelter to Longview where we picked him up. He’s a great little man. Howard thinks Walter’s pretty cool too as long as Walter stays off of Howard’s bed.

Meeting our friend was a good reminder of how far we have come in our life. We can meet people, safely. We can understand what boundaries are and how to implement them. We can talk to someone online and then choose to meet them in person, should we wish to. Our life has endless possibilities. Our future has endless possibilities. We just have to put things in motion and not allow fear of growth to hold us back.



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