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Counting Every Blessing

pexels-photo-459846.jpegToday is the anniversary of us joining our adoptive family. We packed up the body’s children, our dog, and we went into hiding from the abusive husband. Well, semi-hiding. That’s a long story but it’s the 3 year anniversary.

The kids call it our Extraction Day (Naked and Afraid reference). It certainly felt like an extraction. We left all we knew behind to pursue a safer (where J couldn’t find us) home and a place to try again at life. We didn’t know exactly how to do any of this. And at the time we firmly believed that while God was a loving being, He didn’t want anything at all to do with us. We were too far gone.

Fast-forward 3 years and we have learned that God does, in fact, want us. He has much to teach us and we have a lot to accomplish in this lifetime. We are going to walk the path He set, the path to help others move forward in life. We are getting healthy. The children, who are really the most important part of our life, are growing and learning. They are healthier than ever and they have bright futures ahead of them if they take advantage of it.

We are blessed in crazy ways. We’ve had the room we need to discover who we are and how each of us helps the system as a whole. We’ve learned that hair grows back and it’s fun to play with. We’ve learned that we can not progress in anything if we aren’t working together.

We have an amazing dog who lights up our darkest nights, which is kind of funny since he’s all black haha.

On our worst days, we found we can get through them by having ongoing conversations with God and by finding things we are grateful for. Every day holds a small reason, at the very least, to be grateful.

Today as I write we’re listening to Anthem Lights on YouTube singing a variety of pop Christian songs and older hymns. They put their own spin on them and it’s really beautiful. The older hymns remind me of growing up in a Congregational church. The services were so rich with ritual. One of us (can’t remember who) was often an acolyte. The Doxology was sung at every service. The beauty of the ritual went right over our heads at the time. I love our church now and wouldn’t change it at all, but at times many of us miss that beautifully rich ritual service. I think they mean more now because our relationships with God are so much more solid.

I’m listing the fact that we got to experience those services as a child as a blessing. I like the fact that we can find things from that time period and realize what true blessings they were. We can be grateful for some positive things during that time also.

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