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Afternoon at Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach, Seaside Oregon

We currently have family here from Colorado. Nana and Papa came up to visit and with them, they brought 2 cousins. Woohoo!  Mama took them to one of our favorite parks to hang out and we’ve been spending a lot of time visiting and just being together. Last Sunday, however, we went to Oregon. It was a 3-hour drive and we were all crammed into one vehicle but the cramped feeling was worth experiencing this beach.

We like to explore, we always have. We like the adventure of seeing new things and learning about new things. Granted it would be a little more fun if more than 4 of us were around. The Shadows threw up a block and now Erica and I are the only two front with occasional visits from Kat and Gina. It’s frustrating at best. That being said, exploring the beach was a good distraction from that frustration.

The beach was pretty crowded for a downcast and rather chilly day. I was surprised to see how many people were actually swimming. We didn’t swim, the family walked around in the water and on the beach and looked for shells. I knew Maddison and Rachel would love an intact sand dollar. I talked to God a little bit about that as I admired the ocean and the pieces of shells and sand dollars I was finding.

Walking a little bit further I stumbled on an intact sand dollar. I was so excited as I picked it up. When I got it out of the water I realized it had little fibers all over it that moved when I touched them. It was alive. This was a huge problem. I wanted to keep it for Maddie and Rachel so badly, but it was alive. Is it right to suffocate it and kill it simply because we wanted to display it?

After showing the family the sand dollar (stopping every so often to dip it into the ocean to keep it wet) I decided it wasn’t fair to keep it. I walked out as far as I could without getting my capris wet and threw it out as far as I could so that no one else would find it, hopefully. I didn’t even take pictures of it. Didn’t think about that until after the fact.


On the way home, we went over this incredible bridge. I don’t remember the name of it, but it’s so long and so cool.

We also went over the Lewis and Clark Bridge to get to Oregon.


Lewis and Clark Bridge

This Bridge wasn’t overly impressive to me. I love that super long one and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge much more than this one, but it was still fun to take this picture.

As much as it sucked to have what I wanted for my sisters and have to let it go, I’m still glad I threw the sand dollar back. I hope it lives a good life in the sea. One day we will find a whole one that we can keep.

The Pacific Ocean makes me just as happy as the Atlantic does. The oceans call to us, and we feel something so incredible standing in the ocean or on the beach. Truly one of God’s most amazing creations. And we got to share it with our family.

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