2018, DID, dissociation, dissociative identity disorder

When Changing Your Life Means Changing Your Mind


It’s interesting now to look back over the last 10 years of our life. Married, separated, married, a baby or two, and separated again. Gave up a dog to our husband, attached to a newer dog, widowed, dog number one ended up with a friend. Mended relationships, some got worse. Quit smoking. Learned to cook some and learned to clean.

In 2 short months will be the third anniversary of the biggest change of all. We changed our minds. We decided no more to the abuse and toxic relationship. We decided to break cycles and move away from where our husband could find us, where a childhood abuser lived next door, where we were jumping at shadows and not functioning in a way the kids needed. We simply changed our minds. We said no more.

All of the good changes to us that have happened was a direct result of changing our minds. Just this year we changed our minds about God being unavailable to us. We understood the hurt that God’s people can do and decided not to use that against Him. We learned how to step out of our comfort zone and stop looking for the danger everywhere we went.

We took back our life by changing our minds.

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