2018, DID, dissociation, dissociative identity disorder


Something we lack.

Something we wish we had more of in ourselves, in each other, in the world.

We find things we want to do, things that help for awhile but it never sticks. Sometimes what we started bothers someone in the house and it can’t be continued without causing tensions. Sometimes what one of us starts annoys the rest of us and can’t be finished. Sometimes we start something and another project takes priority and we never get back to the original thing.

At the moment, we’re down. We’re far from out, but we are definitely down. We can’t find the attention or focus to meet expectations and we can only take one minute at a time which means a lot doesn’t get done and yet so much does get done. We clean, we offer help where we can see it needed but try not to take away someone’s job if they are looking for something within it.

We’re not really sleeping and when we do the dreams are scattered and disturbing and we wake up feeling ashamed and dirty. Can’t really remember them though, once we’re awake.

But we don’t feel so bad during the days. Pretty even, maybe even easy going.

Confused yet?

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