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Season 2 Awakens


I don’t have a whole lot of wisdom to impart. There’s nothing pressing on my mind really. I just feel the urge to write.

So often our words get caught up in an incessant need to share, to teach, to learn, or to grow. We follow the compulsion and share something we will barely remember days later. One of us will browse the post list and wonder when certain things were written. Even the ones who wrote the posts will be confused and not remember doing it.

And that’s okay. That’s what this is for. To share. To write. To teach. To learn. To grow.

Sometimes, though, maybe we just want to slow down. Or maybe that’s just me. I just want to write. Season 2 is awake now. A month early, I heard, but we are here. Season 1 has gone inactive until, well, at the very longest next year. The constants are still around so most people won’t notice much of a change, but we do feel the change inside. Since two members of Season 2 are dragons the whole (swarm? school? what the heck do you call a group of dragons anyway?) are up and active because the baby dragon is never left alone and the teenage dragon tends to get into trouble inside and outside if she’s not watched. So the activity level is high and there’s a very active toddler fairy who never seems to stop moving darting all over the place. She’s being sort of rounded up by an 8-year-old with a tiny wand that puts things to sleep. Sami is convinced that if she could just catch Karlie then she could “poof” her. A young fairy, just 5-years-old, Dottie, watches quietly. She’s not sure of all the activity. Phoebe, 3-years-old, is being very very quiet which usually means she’s planning something.

Paisley and I are just kind of in the middle of this. Brina is crabby, and Maddison is starting to feel better after an emotional morning so that helps because they are really the lead hosts this Season. Mia, Savannah, Sunny, and Chari are just waiting to see where they fit in I think. Well, Mia always fits in, she’s an emotional regulator. Licia is hanging out with the sleepers.

It looks like Season 1 didn’t share much about inside operations. They didn’t get into detail about who we are and how we work. Maybe I can change that a little.



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