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What Makes You Happy?


I’m working on a list, a list that is turning out to be pretty frustrating. A list of what makes us happy. Now there are the basics of that list: our family, our fur-family, and friends, etc. That’s not what this list is after. This list is supposed to be about what kind of activities make us happy. So I re-named it, sort of. I named it…

Things That Make Us Happy

or Things We May Enjoy

The point of this exercise is to move us out of the all or nothing mindset we get stuck in and help us realize that we have many other options in life. Not just options of things we HAVE to do but things we WANT to and enjoy doing. Obviously, things on the list are going to apply differently to each of us, but having the list will help because our memory is shit. We get caught up in one thing and we beat that thing to death until it becomes our entire life, for all of us, and it becomes all of who we are causing almost a burnout. In a moment of desperation, I posted on Facebook and asked our friends if they have any idea what makes us happy. They are coming up with the same things we know, haha.

We absolutely love to crochet. That’s for sure and for most of us.

We adore our penpals, writing to and receiving things from.

Lyssa re-discovered her love of cross-stitch and Rachel found out that she really enjoys it too.

Many of us are really enjoying Celebrate Recovery and the relationships we are building there.

So those four things are a big deal, especially building relationships both by mail and in person.

We know we all like being around people and being accepted. We really like crafting, we like learning new things, and we like being involved in things that help people and help ourselves.

Music and colors make us happy.

Attending concerts make us happy and we’d LOVE to see some of our favorite artists live in concert, especially Zach Williams, Mercy Me, and a few others.

We love going to live baseball games! Watching baseball on TV is awesome too.

Most of us absolutely love the ocean. The Puget Sound is good too. We have been to both the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and they both are amazing and call to us. We also love the mountains in Colorado.

We love to explore new areas and have new experiences with our family and our friends that we feel safe with. People we can just be us with.

Some of us like to color. We have fuzzy posters, coloring books, a color by number book which is pretty cool. We have colored pencils, some markers, and crayons.

Some of us like to craft and really want to experiment with the stencils we bought and the paints Mom said we can use. We also want to learn to use stamps for our scrapbooking and card making. A few have suggested using this crafting to help others who are feeling down feel better.

Lyssa and Cadie have several finished cross stitch beading pieces that can be mounted somewhere. That would be a lot of fun to do.

We have a lot of fun making things for gifts.

Life is about more than making things, but we don’t really enjoy experiencing things alone. Taking Howard out to parks is cool but it’s not much fun without friends or family. Just taking the kids isn’t a whole lot of fun either. It’s much more enjoyable with Mom and Dad and the kids or friends or people we can talk to or relate to.

Taking a fitness class of some sort sounds fun too. The church has a Zumba class but it ends soon since it follows the school calendar. Maybe next school year we can get involved in that. In the between time something else may come up somewhere.

Making a positive difference in the lives of others, that makes us happy. All of us agree on that one and want to find ways to do that. We want to make a positive difference in the world in general. Taking all we’ve learned and lived through and turning it into something that can help us AND help others. This is a big one for us, but this doesn’t solve how to live life daily.

Not everything has to be a major deal. Sometimes we just need to do something to have fun with it and that is kind of what this list needs to be. A list of options. A reminder of things for us because our memory is horrible.

Just sitting down with a notebook and a pen made us cry. We were overwhelmed by a task designed to be helpful. This post has taken hours, literally, but I feel like it has actually gotten somewhere. It’s a little wordy, but we have come up with some things. Some of them aren’t exactly practical for everyday spur of the moment but I don’t think that there were limits set on the list.

So to kind of consolidate:


Ballgames, baseball in general

Fitness classes (Zumba, yoga?)

CR meetings and the socializing

Church and Jesus


Exploring with other people

Coloring, crafting, finish projects

Cross stitch and crochet

Fitness on the Wii

Blowing bubbles

Learning new crochet patterns and techniques, applying them to something fun

Trying new things and sharing them on our blog

Visiting new places, landmarks, states, countries

Learning about other cultures

Playing with snapchat filters and texting/messaging friends

Thinking about new hairstyles and watching youtube for makeup ideas

Learning to cook more and have fun in the kitchen

Learning more about nutrition and how our body uses food for energy, how to help our body run efficiently









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