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How to Find Balance: We Have NO Idea What We Are Doing


Borrowed from a google search. It illustrates my point perfectly. 


This isn’t going to be your typical “How To” post. We’re not going to be able to tell you how to find balance in anything… yet.

Yet. That’s the key word here.

We spend an hour a week with our two little sisters working as a group on things that bother us. The girls have chosen topics like communication, confidence, self-esteem, and time management. To start off, we all set goals. Our system set a goal of finding balance.

“To find comfort in the grey areas. To find balance in all areas of life”

If you know us, or have been reading awhile, then you know already know that we are all or nothing people. We get these ideas and these great plans for ourselves, each other, other people, and we hit them so hard we burn out fast when we there are no immediate results.

Didn’t lose 100 pounds yet? It’s hopeless. Haven’t found God yet? That’s passed.

Like whoa, slow your roll. It’s been 3 weeks. Not to mention that we stopped caring for the body while looking for God. And we stopped looking for God while helping our sisters. And we stopped journaling while blogging. Oh and we stopped openly communicating with our safe people while doing all of this. Now we’re tired. And we wonder why the body is sick and we have made no progress and all we have is a hundred changes and projects that never stuck.

All of these plans and ideas are fantastic. They are all amazing. They are not all going to be solved at once and tied up with a pretty little bow. They require work, dedication, and in most cases actual lifestyle changes. They require balance.

Yep, there’s that word. Balance. None of what we want to accomplish is going to come without effort and hard work. But when does it become overwhelming and too much? At what point do we take it out of balance and risk burnout? How do we achieve goals without throwing our entire life into them? When do we turn healthy ideas into ridiculous compulsions? Frankly, all of this makes our anxiety kick up.

How do we even find these answers? We need the right answers in order to achieve the goals of being healthy physically, spiritually, and emotionally yet we become so obsessed with the goals themselves that we turn it all into something unhealthy. Where do we find the balance? Not only do we want to make our body and mind healthy, and achieve those related goals, we want to find balance and do it in the right way. And achieve that balance goal.

What it looks like we are going to have to do is start slow and build up. Small changes that stick, maybe? Admit that we are in over our head and ask Mama for help? I like that one.

I’m going to go google how to find balance. Later I’m going to bug our mom and see what she says. I’ll let you know.


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