How to Get Rid of a Headache… Without Meds


pexels-photo-278312.jpegHeadaches are the bane of our existence. We literally don’t go a day without one. Most of the time they are regular switching headaches, we consider them par for the course with DID. Most of our friends who have DID talk about the headaches and migraines and it’s a topic we’ve covered here.

We are on daily medication to keep migraines to a dull roar. And it helps a lot (thanks doc!).  When the headaches kick in and are too bad to see first thing in the morning, though, we need something that will help that doesn’t require more medication.

Here’s our recipe for dulling that obnoxious ache:

Put our phone away. That’s step one, always. Mom will remind us if we forget. The screen does nothing but causes the pain to worsen.

Turn off the lights. Lights aren’t much better than the screens of the computer and phone.

The last step for us, that worked like a charm this morning, is the “Legs Up a Wall” yoga pose. Do this pose for about 5-10 minutes. Much longer than this and our legs go numb, but once we get up our head feels much better.

Spend the day being calm and not pushing your head too much. Maybe play with yarn or color.

Or do what I did and write a blog post which negates the whole avoid screens thing.

Ya know, keeping it real, one day at a time.

You’re welcome.




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