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Open Doors: In or Out…


Open Doors

Open doors. They can be a challenge. They can be obviously open and you know it’s for you to enter. They can be obviously open, yet you know you just don’t want to go there. Some doors are more subtle in their openness. They look like they could be open but it’s not very clear. Others are absolutely closed.

The sermon at church last night was about open doors. We learned after talking to Mom, Dad, and R that different people get different things out of sermons. We’re pretty sure that’s because you hear what you need to hear, or maybe what you want to hear. Maybe a little bit of both?

The lesson on open doors took us to far more places than just our journey to find God. We found it helpful and thoughtful in many areas of life. On the way home, Cadie took notes of our thoughts, hers and mine. I’m using those notes to write today because both of us have things we want to share and learn from. I point that out because it’s interesting to know that we’ve started taking notes in a small journal to use in our posts.

God opens doors. It’s up to us to walk through the doors. I believe Pastor called them God-inspired opportunities. It seems obvious, fulfilling our wants require action on our part. We want to have something, we have to act. Whether its a relationship with God, or people, or a community, or a job, it is up to us to act on that want. We need to walk through the door. Wants need action. Got it.

Taking action involves risk. Remember that? Risk? We covered risk already. Taking risks is scary. I’m not going to re-hash that. No, I’m going to move on to another iffy word, effort. Taking action reminds me of the saying “you get out of it what you put into it”. I can probably come up with another couple of sayings to illustrate that point but I think we’re all covered there.

If we want to find God, we need to walk through the doors. Knock on a few that aren’t obviously open. We need to open our eyes and find the doors that are waiting for us. If we want to find friends and community, we need to smile and say hello. We need to show up in our life, create a life. We need to do more than sit at home and wish and wonder. No one, God included, will do for us what we can do for ourselves. And no one should.

Find the doors in your life and start opening them. Say hello to people. Online, offline, at church, at the store, out walking your dog. Open the doors. And if you need help opening doors, send us an email. Our contact link is above. We’ll be happy to say hello!

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