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Self-Care Saturday

pexels-photo-259363.jpegIt’s Saturday again. Funny how this keeps happening.

The weeks keep cycling through days whether we are ready or not. Like children playing hide and seek with days of the week. “Ready or not, here I come!”, the next day calls out.

Just yesterday Rachel and Layna wrote a long post about our journey to find God. This morning I’m chatting with a friend and she’s reminding me to re-frame my thoughts about possibly having to pair a black keyboard with a white and teal computer. It will be a white tiger computer (like Bella and Olly) with teal eyes. Because sometimes we need to change how we look at things in order to see the beauty in them and in order to make it work.

And that was a tangent. A tangent designed to distract me from the fact that it’s already Saturday. Another week has gone by, and I worry we have nothing to show for it. Have we wasted yet another week of our life?

Rachel and Layna say we definitely haven’t wasted this week. We attended Celebrate Recovery, we found a journey that means something to us, we worked through some big things, and we communicated a whole bunch. Even I can see that we wrote.

So today we care for ourselves and each other. We drink our water. We cleaned the kitchen and that gross microwave. We hug the kidlets and the furlets. Good music is playing and I did some stretching. We will get our next week on the calendar and we will be ready to take on a new week.

Take care of yourself(ves).



1 thought on “Self-Care Saturday”

  1. As things are more and more stressful right now for us this self care piece is hugely important. We are trying hard to keep ourselves together and to take care of ourselves in the midst of everything else going on. Thank you for the reminder.


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