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How to Make Stress Balls and Reduce Stress at the Same Time!


Did you catch that? We’re making stress balls, AND we are reducing stress. All at once. At the same time. Whoa.

So we’ve been doing this anxiety challenge with the Facebook support group we run. Yesterday was day 16, and day 16 was “Make a stress ball.” None of us have ever made a stress ball, but the instructions seemed simple enough.

Sadly, yesterday ended up being too busy to actually follow through on making a stress ball. (Read this as “we let other things get in the way and let emotions creep up and destroy our plans and did stupid stuff instead that in no way helped us at all”. Yes, Mom, you were right.)

Back to the project. We spent about $3 at Walmart on split peas and balloons. Mom already had baking soda she was willing to sacrifice. Some people use flour. Mom was NOT willing to let us use perfectly good flour to play with haha. You can use any kind of rice, dried beans, or just flour, cornstarch, or baking soda.

I chose to use a little baking soda and some split peas. I blew up the balloons and let the air out a few times each to stretch them out a little. Then I grabbed the biggest funnel we had (thanks again to Mom who told me to grab the big one when I went for the small one… what would I do without her??)

I filled the first balloon with some split peas and a scoop of baking soda. This is really a preference thing, I discovered. You have to play around with consistency and see what feels best to you. It takes some time and some manipulating to get everything down to the bottom of the balloon but I found that blowing some air into the balloon gently helps it all settle.

Once it’s a good size for your hand, tie it off tight. I put two knots in mine.


At this point, I cut the tip off of the balloon. It was knotted well and I was pretty sure it was staying put.

Then I grabbed another color balloon and cut the stem piece off completely (picture below).


I stretched it out and wrapped it around the filled balloon and voila!  I have an adorable purple stress ball!


I now also have ones in pink, green, and blue. That $3 went a long way!  The stress balls are cute and fun and they stretch out and settle as you use them.

Most importantly, making them was fun. I found it to be a fun way to de-stress just making them. It was such a simple project and very cheap to make. I probably could have done it just as cheap, if not cheaper by going to the Dollar Tree but I was already at Walmart.

And that is how I made our stress balls for the anxiety challenge!





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