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How to Write When Writing Seems Impossible


How to Write When Writing Seems Impossible

I had a big post planned for today. It involves split peas, baking soda, balloons, and other crafty type things. Only I never got there. And so far, none of us are getting there. Today is a struggle.

It didn’t start out that way. It started out with an appointment that made me very nervous. Mom talked me through the nerves and I felt better… until we got there. The lady wasn’t very pleasant. I made it through, but the discussion brought up some big emotions and I seriously couldn’t get out of that building fast enough.

Brother number 2 hit his head at school which landed us in urgent care. He’s fine, a mild concussion, but he’s okay. The story of how it happened was actually a bit comical and one I’m sure he’ll love to tell later on in life.

We got home and I didn’t want to write. We made a commitment though. We have committed to our writing. So I wrote one article for a website and its under review. And then I came here. I’m writing here even though I feel sad, tired, and overwhelmed. I made a commitment to write and this blog isn’t just about the silly things we come up with. It’s also about the emotions. The pain. The hurt. And how we can get through it. So like yesterday’s post…. sometimes you just have to sit down and write.



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