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Sundays At The Park


For the last couple of weeks, our family has been taking Sunday trips around the Puget Sound. Being new arrivals to Washington, we really don’t know the area and it has been hard being active and doing things when we don’t have any idea where anything fun is. Add to that Dad working nights and it seems like our family is hardly ever together in one spot. It has been a source of near constant tension and stress.

Tension and stress in the family added to DID and anxiety is a recipe for failure. Other members of the family struggle with depression and bipolar, which are also exacerbated by tension and stress. Our weekly trips around the Sound are a breath of fresh air and a time to relax, all together, as a family.


Howard comes too. He’s not the only one either. Mom’s puppy, Francis, also comes out on our exploration days. The puppies get to be a part of the family adventures and this means a lot to all of us. It also helps the puppies’ anxiety and allows them to build confidence and social skills. They learn behavior skills and are able to learn to face new things with grace and confidence.


The water is calming. Watching the waves come in over the rocks while the whole family looks at shells and watches for seals is a big deal to us. More than one of us usually makes an appearance on Sundays, because even the middles want to see the beaches and the shells.

How do you find your calm?

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