Productive Days Keeps Anxiety At Bay?

Productive Days Keeps Anxiety At Bay?

Maybe. I mean, I think so. I’m no expert on what works for anxiety reduction in the long term. Some days I can barely manage my own anxiety in the moment, and that doesn’t include the rest of my system’s anxiety. We can be a real hot mess at times.

However, I can absolutely say without a doubt that staying busy and focused does help keep anxiety settled. And not just for me. Our emotional support dog, Howard, has anxiety issues too. When his anxiety ramps up he tends to lose confidence, become insecure, and really skittish. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve found something that helps.

What helps? (I hear you asking)

Productive days. Howard goes out with us for a 3+ mile walk 5 days a week. We’re only on week 2, but let me tell you the difference has been incredible for both him and us. Either we’re all too tired to be as anxious, or the anxious energy has an outlet. I’m not really sure which but it may not matter. What matters is that our emotional support dog is happier, healthier, and far less…well… emotional. He has more confidence and is more playful and secue.

Aside from the walking, we’ve been doing more writing. We’re also doing more scrapbooking, and paying closer attention to our planner and journaling. Part of that is developing a routine and schedule, and staying on it as much as possible. We’re trying new things and taking risks by putting ourselves out there and being more open to new opportunities.

You’re doin what?? That sounds scary!

Kind of a conundrum. Being more open to new things and applying for things is really anxiety producing. We get into the cycle of overthinking a lot when it comes to this. Which ends up leading to us needing more activity or crafty things to settle down the anxiety. Know what else it leads to? Pride. Pride and confidence. We become proud of ourselves for trying and more confident to keep trying.

Does being more productive lead to less anxiety? For us, I believe it does.

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