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The Shrine Circus is in town! #jordanworldcircus

It’s the Circus!

It’s Showtime!

Friday night Mama and Daddy took us and the rest of the kids to the circus at the fairgrounds. Everyone was so excited because it was the first time any of us can remember going to anything like it and definitely the first time for the other kids. It was windy out and Daddy had just come home from being gone for two weeks so excitement was huge!  Daddy was home and the CIRCUS! was in town! That’s just pure awesomeness!

Crowds are difficult for us. I guess that’s probably to be expected. Mama keeps us safe, and with Daddy around we always feel even more secure in public. Kaysie has been working on letting go and not controlling switches so much. Originally the plan ( ahem… Kassandra’s plan) was to make sure the little ones were secure and away from the front during the circus due to some childhood trauma involving a clown lamp but we were only there for about 10 minutes when we realized that was going to be futile.

As soon as the tigers made their way out to the ring, the little ones became uncontrollable. The switching was impossible to keep up with. Kaysie gave up and decided that between Aunt J, Uncle D, Mama, and Daddy the little ones should be fine and if not, she’d have to deal with that later because we were totally at a loss. The tigers were amazing and had the babies completely captivated, especially Olly.


Mama and Daddy were behind us during the first half of the show. The sun started going down and Aunt J tried to cover us in a blanket but the little ones were having no part of that. By then Aunt J realized the little ones had taken over too. The excitement and wonder the little ones were showing was apparently awesome for the grown ups to watch too. As the sun went down the rain started, which did nothing at all to dim the excitement.


When the rain cleared, Mama pointed out a double rainbow to Andee and Finley, who seemed to be co-con at that moment. Just a few minutes later Finley grabbed Mama’s hand and held on tight and asked for reassurance that the clowns and the clown car was safe. Both Mama and Daddy told her it was funny, and the fun resumed!

Andee and Finley’s double rainbow!

It was a fantastic night, full of wonder and excitement. Mama, Daddy, and Aunt J took turns snuggling little ones and enjoying the magic as the circus unfolded. They all also showed us that we can truly be who we are, stay safe, and enjoy new things safe within their circle. They allowed us all to enjoy something new. Something that had a questionable and possibly scary element.

For the first time in a long time we are able to say we enjoyed something.

Even though Daddy told Trinity she can’t have an elephant as a pet.







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