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So Much to Say

Image Credit: Power of Positivity


I can’t even come up with a decent, well written, put together post. You should see my draft list. I’ve totally tried. I’m restless today. Usually I do my part of the writing curled up on the couch but today I’m on the living room floor. Every so often I lay back and stretch out while thinking about everything I want to write about. Because there’s so much I want to share. I want to talk about our journey, about how we got this way, about how we feel about being like this. I want to talk about our life now and how it works. I want to talk about being open about ourselves, and how that makes Dad uncomfortable. I want to talk about how his discomfort comes from us being open to ridicule or harm and how he simply wants us safe and protected. I want to talk about how the more open we become the more often we are going to have to answer tough questions.

More than that, I want to share our journey into physical health. Yoga is changing us! Scales move frustratingly slow. This body doesn’t look like any of us recognize. Mental health us becoming stronger as we become more open.

All of these things deserve their own posts because I have SO much to say! A few of us do. The little ones don’t really. They will let us talk for them.

Sit back folks. Over time we will begin to be able to put all of these things into words and you will meet us, understand us, and hopefully become part of our life. Together, we can change lives. We will start with our own.


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