2016, Layna

Is Yoga Making Us Happy….ier?


Given a chance, yoga can help create change in a person.


Nine days ago we started doing yoga at least once a day, more often twice a day. We’ve done the whole thing before but never consistently or for very long because, let’s face it, a huge fat body doing yoga is uncomfortable and for most of our life we have lacked serious consistency in anything.

But for the last 9 days, we have been consistent with our practice. We have our morning routine and a couple of different bedtime routines. The routines change somewhat based on who is front and what they want to do but they stay similar because we all really like a lot of the stretches. Brina and Bella like to push the body and add in new and more challenging things a lot, especially in the mornings. The rest of us just try and stick with what feels good and at least get through it.

What I noticed today tho, after I did my morning yoga, was that the last week has been pretty even emotionally despite some pretty big stuff going on in the outside world. Attitudes have been pretty much kept in check and meds haven’t been skipped at all. Inside the Shadow crew has settled down and none of them have even tried to choke us in over a week. They aren’t scaring the inside kids anymore and they seem pretty chill. We still haven’t really met them though but calmer is better, right?

Our memory overall still sucks but confidence is rising. Brina went to a doctor’s appointment with a brand new doctor all by herself yesterday (due to a small crisis in the parking lot). She did so good! I hope she writes about it!

We even have definition starting in our upper arms. This is super exciting. We have some cool muscle definition in our legs now too. The scale is holding steady but the body changes we can actually see after just 9 days is way exciting. The emotional changes and the fact that we feel happier only makes me wonder if maybe yoga does make people happy.


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