2016, Kaysie

Inside Where We Live (Kassandra)

Image found on Facebook


I’m Kaysie. If you ask any of my sisters inside, though, they will tell you I am Kassandra. Really, Kaysie works just fine. I’m about 16 years old and I am the Lead Protector for this system. Yep, me. I am solely responsible for their safety and security. I handle most of the doctor appointments, legal issues, new social interactions, and most uncomfortable situations. It is my responsibility to know where all of my sisters are at any given time and to know what the emotional state and ability of each of them are all the time. I am available to them for mediation and to handle negotiation with our Shadows.

I can’t possibly do all of this alone. It takes a team to make sure that inside runs as smoothly as possible. Mom, Dad, Bella, Brina, and Jessa are all in our first line of defense.  It takes a lot for me to remember that I need help, so Mom and Dad always are happy to provide the necessary reminders… haha.

I don’t hold any real trauma memories. Not that I’m aware of at this point anyways. I rarely ever even process my own strong emotions. I firmly believe our little ones are our strongest system members and they are the ones that see and hear everything so I tend to go there first when I need information.

I love butterflies, music, yoga, our cell phone, skulls, tattoos, and learning new things.

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