2016, introduction, Jenna

Inside Where We Live (Jennaleigh)

Jenna's favorite roses are fire and ice roses. Picture comes from www.fireandiceroses.com
Jenna’s favorite roses are fire and ice roses. Picture comes from http://www.fireandiceroses.com

I don’t spend a lot of time out front, lately. Inside I have a fairly complex and kinda difficult job. My name is Jennaleigh Sage and I’m an emotional regulator. I am also a nurturer and mediator. My family and most of my friends call me Jenna.

I first remember joining my sisters inside around 2010. I feel like I’ve been around before, but that is the furthest back I can remember right now and I’ve been pretty much active ever since.

I tend to become overwhelmed when fronting. Since I regulate and process emotions for almost everyone inside (with the help of Mia) it becomes almost impossible to handle everything inside and outside all at once. At first it was hard to understand why everything was so hard for me and my family was constantly treating me like I was weak and silly until we all realized what my job was and what it means. At that point everyone started being a lot kinder about my emotions. I appreciate it so much.

Mia and I are now in the process of teaching the protector team how to process emotions too. At very least their own. Part of what makes them good protectors is having Mia and I process and regulate their emotions so we want them to learn how to do their own, but they want to be able to help us when things get too intense.

So… um…. yeah. That’s me and what I do. I like gardens, roses, daisies, and irises. I love nature, butterflies, and Christian music (K-Love rocks!).


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