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Inside Where We Live (Kassandra)

  I'm Kaysie. If you ask any of my sisters inside, though, they will tell you I am Kassandra. Really, Kaysie works just fine. I'm about 16 years old and I am the Lead Protector for this system. Yep, me. I am solely responsible for their safety and security. I handle most of the doctor… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Kassandra)

2016, Layna

Is Yoga Making Us Happy….ier?

    Nine days ago we started doing yoga at least once a day, more often twice a day. We've done the whole thing before but never consistently or for very long because, let's face it, a huge fat body doing yoga is uncomfortable and for most of our life we have lacked serious consistency… Continue reading Is Yoga Making Us Happy….ier?

2016, Kaysie

Migraines… the Root of All Evil

Migraines in Systems? I'm not even sure where to start. When a migraine takes hold, it is sort of like hell is descending down upon us. The aura starts, which is surprisingly similar to what the picture is trying to show. We get the silver, blue, and purple sparkles flickering around and the colors swerving… Continue reading Migraines… the Root of All Evil

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The Shrine Circus is in town! #jordanworldcircus

It's the Circus! Friday night Mama and Daddy took us and the rest of the kids to the circus at the fairgrounds. Everyone was so excited because it was the first time any of us can remember going to anything like it and definitely the first time for the other kids. It was windy out… Continue reading The Shrine Circus is in town! #jordanworldcircus

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So Much to Say

  I can't even come up with a decent, well written, put together post. You should see my draft list. I've totally tried. I'm restless today. Usually I do my part of the writing curled up on the couch but today I'm on the living room floor. Every so often I lay back and stretch… Continue reading So Much to Say

2016, introduction, Lyssa

Inside Where We Live (Alyssianna)

  Hi, I'm Lyssa. My whole name is Alyssianna Nichole but I go by Lyssa mostly. I'm a girl, not an animal. Today I'm big Lyssa so I'm almost 15 but most of the time I'm little Lyssa and can be like 4 or 5. I age slide. It depends a lot on how I… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Alyssianna)

2016, introduction, Jenna

Inside Where We Live (Jennaleigh)

I don't spend a lot of time out front, lately. Inside I have a fairly complex and kinda difficult job. My name is Jennaleigh Sage and I'm an emotional regulator. I am also a nurturer and mediator. My family and most of my friends call me Jenna. I first remember joining my sisters inside around… Continue reading Inside Where We Live (Jennaleigh)

2016, Kaysie

The Role Family Acceptance Plays in Healing

Family Acceptance We have absolutely no biological family support when it comes to our mental health diagnoses. Not one member of our biological family, except maybe a cousin we lost contact with, accepts us as we are in our entirety. That lack of acceptance led us into a marriage where we thought we had found it,… Continue reading The Role Family Acceptance Plays in Healing

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The Body’s Children…

Our Children? I still look around when people ask about our kids. We don't remember making the choice to have children.  Well... let me back up. We remember wanting to be a mother. Sami wanted a baby girl and she was going to name her Rose. At some point when the body was a middle… Continue reading The Body’s Children…

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More Than What You See

This post contains strong language... hell, we contain strong language at times.  Its obviously not exact, because my memory is never that good, but it's pretty close. This is a raw and very rough glimpse into a typical moment in an average day for us.  -Bella   A peek into this morning... inside: I wake… Continue reading More Than What You See