2016, DID, dissociative identity disorder, elephant, introduction, Trinity

Inside Where We Live (Trinity)

Image Credit: Google
hi name is trinity violet an 5 years old an trinity learnin to spell cuz jessie loves me lots. trinity live inside at the park wit sisters. trinity usedta lives in the dark wit sami andee shiloh an the shados an olly keeped our gate safes but the shados are meen an skary an we was lone there for long times and skared. trinity don got no job outside. mommy an daddy takes cares of trinity an daddy byes trinity oreos an makes big sissers be good girls.
trinity is skared of peoples an don talk to peoples on Facebook cept for daddy cuz trinity no got friends an trinity no talk to people outside cept for mommy an daddy an sometimes the outside kids cuz trinity no knows what to says.
inside trinity learns bout happy an sad an trinity learns how to filter feels like jenna an mia so trinity can helps thems wit the big huge job theys gots.
trinity likes elephants lots, an oreos, an cheesecake, an coloring, an games, an mommy an daddy.

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