2016, Andee, Andrea, DID, dissociative identity disorder, inside world, introduction

Inside Where We Live (Andrea)

Image credit: Google  –  Andee loves stuffed animal bunnies
i is andee. i is 3 yeer old lik olly an zozey. thems my sissers. i is daddy’s lil gurl. daddy luvs me. andee no speshul. not aminel or cool. jus a lil gurl. andee was in the dark for long tims wit sami an shy an trin. was skary an no fun but now we livs wit sissers in the hose an the rezort. bella waches us an we plays in the zoo an the water an in the playgrownd.
out i play gams on fone an eet crunchies. i gots a dog outsid nam crunchy but she no lik me if i don feeeds her an my daddy say no litle gurls feeds dogys no mor or we gets in truble an andee no wana bes in truble. dady meens it to.
andee liks the new lif. andee liks bunnys an toons an gams. plees liks us. plees.
(This post was written in its entirety by Andee. I merely pasted it here and posted it. -Brina)

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