2016, cadie, DID, dissociative identity disorder, inside world, introduction, trauma

Inside Where We Live (Cadence)

graphic made for me by lisha… love you lisha!

thats kinda it. keep calm and let cadie handle it. i like to handle things, especially things that confuse or annoy my sisters. mostly tho, i like to do what i want. my name is cadence danielle. you guys can call me cadie. most people do unless i’m in some kinda trouble or someone’s mad at me. 

im about 14 years old. mama says i have a serious attitude problem but daddy says i’m fine for him. kaysie says i save all my attitude for mama but really i don’t put that much thought into it. she gives me way too much credit. i just am who i am. i swear too much, talk too much, eat too much, drive too fast, think too fast, and care too much.
i think wolves are the most wonderful creatures anywhere ever. inside i am protected by a lot of wolves. i’ve long since lost count because when i don’t feel safe i find more wolves. most of the time they stay in the shadows and live their lives in the forest but they are never far away when i need them or they sense i’m afraid.
i have trouble making and keeping friends. i have trouble being a part of a family. i love my sisters very much and will be right there if someone causes any of them trouble but i don’t mind tormenting them. i’m not much help with the little sisters, and i don’t spend a whole lot of time with the older sisters. mostly i hang out with mia and lyssa inside. we have a resort with a water park and most of us “middle” sisters have been hanging out there. i have a room inside the main house that i share with lyssa sometimes, but lyssa is an age slider so she spends sometimes with me and sometimes with the littlest ones in the nursery area where bella keeps an eye on them at night.
out here i manage a lot of our online stuff and make sure our accounts are all in order and stuff. i like technology a lot and understand it pretty good. i have been around and active since like 2005 so i hold a lot of the late years trauma.
i love skulls, all things pink, wolves, butterflies, and shoes. i really love shoes.

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