2016, Bella, Blogger, garden, Jessa, move, weight
That about sums it up…..

Carbs. We’re mostly made up of multiple personalities and carbs. Lots of carbs. 

So lots has gone on. We moved. We left Denver and went west and it has been an amazing move. No move is without its challenges, and lets face it, we are pretty damn challenging. All in all though, its been an incredibly positive experience. 
Our walking is suffering but its been hard to find a routine and we are finding numbness in our right leg after 2 miles. So today I did one mile. Bella wants to get into a yoga routine. We like yoga, its fun. 
We’re also knitting and learning to garden. Jenna is so incredibly excited about our gardens. We have starter plants growing in the garage. Totally excited about having a successful garden. Its a lot easier to garden since we are down 40lbs too. Still more to go but a great start. 
The flabby skin on our arms makes the body look 80 years old. The thighs too but that part we don’t care about because pants hide that. The arms are tough for us but we’ll figure that out somehow and at some point. 
Pictures will be coming of our garden experience.

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